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About Us

We are focused on organizational behavior and how to fix it. Business Design for Transformation is what we do. But we don’t work top-down. We get the executives to sign-off, but we inject, nurture, and grow change from the roots. If you don’t start at the base and transform systemically, it would like expecting your garden to go from dirt pile to a beautiful garden sanctuary with just a lawn blower. It’s noisy and powerful, but it just moved the leaves.

If you are not growing and transforming, you are the next target. How do organizations transform and grow versus downward drift to insignificance and obscurity? Good question, right? That may seem like two extremes, but the reality is our team of consultants have seen the insides of bankrupt companies, from RiteAid to Bed, Bath and Beyond, from WeWork to Ascena yet we saw the writing on the wall years before each declared bankruptcy. We didn’t need to look at their books, we saw in their infrastructure design, their management behaviors, and their brand architecture that in just a few conversations we would hear some say something like this:

We need to do something different! Let them do want they need to do, I have my own priorities, goals, and I am measured differently than other divisions.

Retail VP Operations

…or something like this:

Hey, we sell how we sell, and we have been providing quality solutions to customers. Sure we have issues, but honestly who doesn’t? Sometimes we make it harder to understand our value prop, you know than others but we have difficult customers.

Software Tech SVP National Sales

As a potential client your conversations have impact, just one conversation can uncover a wide variety of signs your organization is just treading water.

That’s why our founder focuses on the realm of dysfunctional behaviors. Understanding that people are human. That may sound obvious, but when you look at your organization, if it doesn’t make sense sometimes, if it doesn’t enrich the lives of every one of your employees, if it feels toxic, stressful, and challenging to be productive, then the problem isn’t the people, its the organization.

Human Complex Systems works in three primary areas:

#1 Individual Skill Building– Resiliency and Flexibility | Answers these Questions:

How do I become more productive and passionate at what I do everyday. How do I define my MoonShots, Missions, and North Stars? How do I navigate dysfunctional people and situations?

#2 Education & Development- Instructional Design and Learning Science | Answers these Questions:

How do I create training, lessons, or modules that are engaging and more effective? How do I measure value from my intervention? How do I increase what a few good ones know to having everyone know?

#3 Organizational Behavior– Sales Transformation and Ethical Persuasion | Answers these Questions:

How do I stop my sales teams using gimmicks; like discounts, one-time offers, and giveaways? How do I build a sales person that customers trust? How do I get my new sales teams up to speed faster and in the field sooner?

If you have questions like these above?

Let’s start a conversation about dysfunction…