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Sales Transformation

How well does your sales operate? How well do your sales people understand the industry your company is in versus the industries their prospects are in.

The #1 complaint of any customer towards sales people is “They don’t understand my problem or my industry” . Well, you can keep training using SPIN questions, or Submarine models, or whatever fascinating new trend is happening, or you can focus on moving them from depending on gimmicks and borderline coercion to developing them as trusted advisors.

The reality is few train sales people to build trust, few build a scaleable framework to build expertise in their prospects industries, and even fewer understand how to move a sales person off the gimmicks to leveraging the social capital and social network analysis that is sitting right in front of them.

Or you can hope marketing or some new sales funnel technology with advanced AI will change your numbers. But the reality is, you need to build experts in the field. You need to build sales people that understand organizational politics as much as the features and benefits of your competitors products versus your own. Those three skills are complex, they can only be developed as skills and abilities and they can not be copy and pasted into a powerpoint deck for a once over.

Building a world class sales operation takes time and it demand you put experts in the field.

That’s why we don’t do multiple choice, video or VR training. We love Augmented and Virtual reality. But we use in person simulations and scenarios. We build those on fly, provide tools and frameworks to measure performance, and we double down on building in feedback loops to guarantee that the changes in the sales landscape get feed back into the training to update it.

There is no one and done training solution. We know, we tried. It just does not work. You must build a two-way system that teaches exceptional expertise and allows for adaptations from lessons in the field. So when you consider working with us just ask this one question.

Do you want your team to the be experts in the industry that are connected, concerned and adaptive?

If so, let’s start with having a conversation…